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Perfectly Imperfect Antique Desk

*Perfectly Imperfect* Antique Oak Desk.
Hand painted by The Cornish Furniture Painters in Cornish Milk Mineral Paints "Samphire and Fish House" giving you a classic finish and the finish has been distressed for a rural feel. The desk is one of our Perfectly Imperfect pieces which means there may be some cosmetic ware but this does not affect the use and the furniture is in solid condition.This piece definitely has some age to it, were thinking around 1910 and was handmade from solid oak which is absolutely stunning, specially inside the drawers. There are three drawers in total, one large drawers that goes across the whole width of the desk and two smaller drawers. The depth of all drawers is large as they go right back to the whole depth of the desk. The desk top has been kept original and the leather is in perfect condition with no damage. This piece has a lot of character and when we saw it, we knew that we just had to transform and give this piece a new lease of life. Perfect if your looking for a antique desk. 


W: 108cm
H: 77cm 
D: 67cm 


(All our measurements are rounded up to the nearest number, so are slightly under the measurements above. If the measurements above fit then the furniture will definitely fit in the intended space) 


Price: £125.00. Available to be viewed in our shop, The Cornish Furniture Painters, St Agnes, TR50TQ. Local delivery available, please get in touch for a delivery quote. For more information onwÀ this piece or our other hand painted furniture then please get in touch via our facebook page and website